Creating chaos and uproar wherever she goes.

»Just don't try and understand.

Our lives are not blog entries. Neither should we live through Facebook.
It is time for us to enjoy our real lives and stop believing in fairytales.
We must leave this fantasy World behind. It doesn't exist. Only real things exist.
Real jobs, real stuff, real relationships, real people... Sadly, Mr. Right is just a character in a movie and we're not princesses that will get happy endings.
The happy ending... well, our endings would be happy if we could only take the right choices.
WE build our lives. We build them by living to the present. Taking the right choices and being true to ourselves.

Me saliò escribìrlo en inglès. A veces me entiendo màs en ese idioma que en el mìo propio.
Y no, no es para nadie en particular. Es para todo aquel que lo lea y se sienta identificado de alguna manera.

lunes, 12 de octubre de 2009 20:50