Creating chaos and uproar wherever she goes.

»It's Romeo and Juliet.

"Everything Zoller did that ended up fucking her up and putting her in this situation, he did with good intentions. His biggest crime was liking her. I think of that scene as a romantic scene. It's Romeo and Juliet. Those bullets? That's them consummating their relationship. In any other time in the 20th Century, they could have been in love. Except for that one time."

No me habìa percatado de lo mucho que me gusta esta pareja en la ficciòn. Incluso su historia en Inglorious Basterds es la que màs me atrapò.
Como plantea Tarantino, serìa genial ver còmo se desarrolla su relaciòn en otra època.

martes, 8 de diciembre de 2009 20:32